How Boredom Saved My Life!

25 Feb
As I have already explained, it was just on another one of my “normal” days.
Laying prone after a veritable feast of the Turkish persuasion whilst imbibing Scottish nectar that my life began its Oil Tanker-esque style U turn!

With nothing on my escape box (TV), my mood so low my wife and kids had departed to the furthest corners of the house to escape my scowls, growls and the personal pity party I had in full swing!


Spending time with my own thoughts was never an exciting thing and normally consisted of the FTSE 100 share prices………honest…… ok ok normally just thoughts of drink…takeout… ladies on tv..hee hee hee sexy ladies… oops sorry, distracted for a second then…. errr where was I? oh yes…

With a huff and a shuffle of my butt to sit me up a touch, I decided to check out the internet for anything to help me lose weight…. It was that time again!

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Yes my first foray into getting fitter was to shout my wife in from the other room to hand me my tablet. It was less than 4ft away from me on the coffee table!


Now I would like to digress a second to explain that my wife Sam also seemed to have a very bad attitude that day as she swore like a navvy at me and basically launched said tablet at my head!! huh to this day I never found out what the problem was???

Sort of pi#*sed up, looking for Weightwatchers and Slimming World meetings in my area, even though I knew where they were but was too embarrassed to go back incase they remembered me and see how much weight I had put back on,  I searched the internet for Health and Fitness to try and find maybe a tablet to chew or a juice I could drink to magically make me all buff and light without any lifestyle changes!!

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I came across Podcasts, which are like radio shows on all sorts of subjects.  Looked at this chaps podcast called Ben Coomber Radio then Abel James – Fat Burning Man and sat there listening….

I sat there with my eyebrows raised top lip behind the bottom lip and bottom lip sticking out with my mouth closed!!! hahaha you now have a mental picture of my concentration face….giggle. P.S. you can stop doing it now!

I was intrigued, here were 2 guys from different parts of the world that were talking about hormonal imbalance and gut function and how much of the current beliefs (inc. government guidelines) on nutrition were completely out of date and unhelpful.  Talking about having plenty of FAT in your diet and about the importance of never being hungry whilst always striving to feel great & awesome.

WTF!!! Just having very clever people explaining research and actually constantly asking me NOT to believe them – to do my own research – experiment on myself and that NO and I mean NO single DIET PLAN can work for everyone! Nutrition is personal, it needs to be tweaked to your body etc.

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They had my interest but if I am truly honest I had been excited  MANY times in the past by the promises that my inner voice gave me.

I was already the proud owner of a pristine collection of :

  • Billy Blanks Tao-Bo Boxset
  • The Insanity Workout Boxset
  • Ab Cruncher
  • Ab Electric Shock Gizmo (giggle – used to make my moobs wiggle!)
  • Exercise Bike
  • Treadmill….

All purchased from early morning TV shopping channels. Telephone in one hand and a plate stacked with bacon and egg sandwiches in the other with a cuppa tea with 4 sugars sitting patiently on the coffee table.


Now with each of these purchases I had an almost feverish belief that my life was going to change just as soon as it was delivered. My inner voice full of promises that “This Time” I intend to keep – this was it, my life was going to change, I can do it.

Guess What?  I DID’NT! All of them started to gather dust in cupboards after a few weeks.

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I did NOT have this feverish almost childlike excitement about what I heard, I was just interested.  I didn’t understand some of it but wanted to look up further information to see if what these guys were saying was true or bogus.

Again with the honesty, I thought it was a “get out of jail card free” card, another excuse to add to my “Its Not My Fault” bag..

My point being?

  • I did not know I had turned a corner!
  • Change can happen any time so long as you keep trying!
  • Change can be happening whilst your completely unaware! Make yourself aware!!
  • My trying was lazy and very intermittent but “By Jove I Think I’m Doing It!”
  • I wasn’t seriously looking for a path, I was just BORED!
  • There was NO definitive “This is it – I have all the willpower in the world now!”
  • There was NO godlike flash of inspiration, NO sudden bucket load of dedication!
  • Just a little peak of Interest on a very very boring day.


I would like to explain that I started this blog to explain my story, more so as a cathartic listing on the ether for me to look at and remember but I am astounded by the interest its receiving!!
Thank you all very much indeed!
I am receiving email from USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, asking me for more detail on what I actually did to lose my weight and feel awesome! Just to let people know that I will be getting to that point, this is just the main story (long winded I know – sorry but have just found my voice..)
In the near future I will be getting to exactly what I did, what mistakes I made and what I am continuing to do
Through the frankly unbelievable amount of interest for something that started out as my personal log for my benefit and for friends and family to check out I have been asked also to put on my favourite recipes, links to the countless people and organisations that have helped me and also pages documenting my future experiments with different dietary protocols.
I am not a techie so I am learning this blog/interweb/typing stuff as I go along so please bear with me
Thanks for your patience..
I would like to add that I am in NO WAY an expert or qualified to give advice (YET! watch this space), I am just explaining what worked almost magically for me.
My journey is not complete! I am still not optimal but dang I feel awesome 

Next : Simple Steps


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3 responses to “How Boredom Saved My Life!

  1. Colin Champion

    February 25, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    Well done Den another good read

  2. Lesley Barker

    February 26, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Another excellent chapter Den! Keep it coming Mr, Awesome!xx

  3. Alison Newton

    February 26, 2014 at 9:04 am

    Inspiring and funny words once again. Can’t wait for the next one.


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