Simple Steps….

12 Mar


As I listened to more and more of these podcasts, I sort of became a cyber stalker of people in the health & fitness industry.  I would hear them on a podcast, check out their facebook, websites and listen to their own podcasts and so my circle of awareness grew to pretty epic proportions.

I had a notebook close to hand 24h a day to jot down interesting facts as well as stuff I didn’t understand (being a self confessed dumb ass there were quite a few) so I could check it out when more convenient.

This went on weeks and weeks with no lifestyle changes, just kept listening , drinking, eating crap and jotting down notes – seems a tad potty now talking to the wife on a daily basis saying “ooh did you know this? – ooh did you know that?” whilst still carrying on with the bad habits!

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With reams of notes it was time to make a start! Firstly, my goal, what was it? This is where in the past I had sabotaged myself before I started! One of the chaps I was listening to was Elliot Hulse and I listened to him talk on goal setting and BANG this guy made sense “Realistic Attainable Goals Build Discipline” and another one on Ben Coomber was about breaking your goals down into smaller steps. How to say “I want to be fit” or “I want to be healthy” is just not good enough, its too big a picture, break it down…

So, normally I would have had imagined being slim and built like a brick outhouse, muscles popping and full of health and vitality – not a bad goal maybe but not realistic compared to my then current situation. So simplify!

Ok realistic then….

I would like to become the strongest version of myself so:
I would like to be in less pain.
I would like to become more mobile
Know my willpower is pants so start off small.
Not concentrate on weight but “Health” (measurements, body fat% etc)

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With this simple list my goals became fluid, I had no specific markers to hit, no pressure, no lbs per week to lose – I was going to concentrate on my health – I accepted I was never going to look like the guys in fitness magazines and I would still be on medication for the rest of my life but god dang I was NOT going to sit on the sofa and just wait to die, I wanted the best quality of life I could achieve even if that was just a little more movement and a little less pain – boom!

 1st Goal – Rehydration

I couldn’t remember the last time I had drank water, I even gulped my meds down with coke or red wine so  decided my first goal would be to drink 2ltrs of water a day.  No more promises of cutting out coke or wine just simply drink 2 ltrs water a day.
I got some high quality filtered water and added Elete Electrolytes to them, this made the water really soft and pleasing to the mouth and gut and boosted the amount of minerals to my system.

 2nd Goal – Gut Function

This is a massive topic that I just kept hearing so much information on. 

The gut is just soooooo damn important and EVERYTHING I was hearing about symptoms of problems with gut function made me realise this was something I had to make a start on.

I purchased some digestive enzymes, pro and pre-biotics and started taking Glutamine everyday.  More pills to add to my collection but I was going to try.

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Still eating poorly & drinking alcohol but slowly over a few weeks I built up the water to 2ltrs a day and religiously took my supplements….. Hey whaddya know I was actually making this habit and achieving goals.

a few more weeks past and other than having to pee every 20 minutes all you could hear from me was “Oi Sam, Nuffinks Appening! – Oi Sammy I reckon this is a load of ol’codswallop!” – I was becoming disheartened.

A week after that, so a month after I had started, I kid you not, the realisation smacked me in the face with a hammer I had gone for 3 days with NO Ibruprofen and please consider I would have 2 or 3 1st thing EVERY morning to get rid of my headache and a further 5 or 6 throughout the day which had gone on for a couple of years!! I hadn’t even bloody realised!!

I was amazed but still negative, thinking it was just a coincidence, or a placebo effect.  Then I thought “you know what? I don’t give a rats ass if its placebo, just to not wake in the morning with such a heavy headache was refreshing so I’ll take it”

Whats That? Wait A Minute….Oh Sweet Mary Mother Of Jesus! I had not taken any Colpermin or Rennie for a couple of days either…….

I had chronic heartburn for YEARS, got through a packet of Rennie every couple of days, a packet of Colpermin a week, drank Gaviscon straight from the bottle.  I used to wake in the night thinking I was having a heart attack with acid reflux dripping from my mouth, my chest and throat on fire!

Now, Imagine the absolute kick in my minds gonads I got from that!

I was still eating crap and drinking copiously (although coke and juice had been cut back naturally as I wasn’t thirsty – again without realising!) yet my body with years of abuse and just a little help was battling to repair itself – Imagine what it could do if I made more of an effort.

You know what???? I’ve NEVER had heartburn since! (over 16 months) yeeehaaaa.

Through this very simple technique of “Simple Steps” I was able to achieve my goals of drinking 2ltrs of water a day & taking my supplements, These build up confidence and soon become habit – once habit, it takes zero willpower – you just do it without thinking, you then move on to the next goal that moves you closer to your wishes.  You don’t get overwhelmed at all – I decided to make my next attainable goal – I was going to make a start on my drinking and food consumption.

Next : Simple Steps 2 (Food & Drink)



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2 responses to “Simple Steps….

  1. Ann Haldane

    March 13, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I like that your LACK of headache and indigestion escaped your notice for a few days Dennis! It suddenly dawned on you that that was how you were supposed to feel!! 🙂 x

    • Den

      March 14, 2014 at 7:08 am

      Absolutely Ann, I had sachets of pills and potions everywhere, work bag, lunchbox, wallet and just used to take them almost automatically when I felt symptoms so it just didn’t register at first that I wasn’t taking them….


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